Freebird Airlines is an airline company, which develops continuously, and fast, at which advance technologies are adopted and at which the factor of safety has major importance. It has the liability of carrying out any type of activity in the field of airline carriage without compromising from national and international rules. Our most important duty is to following up closely and continuously the developments related to flight safety in the field of airline carriage on international platforms; to take necessary measures to reflect the mentioned developments into the applications of the company at the shortest time and to provide and request from its trained personnel, that the implementation thereof is carried out in line with international rules. In this developing industry, while continuing our work by taking measures in advance, we also keep on taking measures for probable events, which may arise in future. We realize our trainings with our experienced personnel at the international training center (IFTC) established within the organization of Gözen Holding. The maintenance (A) of our air planes is carried out in Istanbul and Antalya with our experienced technical staff, duly authorized according to international rules. Further, with reference to annual maintenance, we have agreements with utmost reliable technical service providers in abroad. Freebird Airlines is a reliable IATA member company.