The mission of Technical Division is to maintain Freebird Airlines fleet to the highest standards in accordance with strict aviation rules and regulations and airplane/engine/component manufacturers recommendations, hence to provide continuous airworthiness of the fleet.

Technical Division is a CAMO approved under SHY-M Ref: TR-MG-007 and capable of performing Airbus A320 series line maintenance up to and including "A" checks as SHY-145 approval granted by Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation by Authorization Certificate No:TR-00013.

Technical Division is formed up 7 aeronautical engineers, 30 licensed aircraft technician, 2 qualified supply officer and other relevant staff. All technical staff have many years of experience in civil aviation. Main base is at İstanbul Atatürk Airport where Engineering, Maintenance, and Supply departments, stores and technical utilities located. Main maintenance station is located at Antalya Airport whereas there is a line maintenance station at Brussels Airport to support heavy summer operation.

Capabilities are Preflight Check, Daily Check, Weekly Check, A Check, Servicing and LRU and major component replacements, defect rectification including minor structural repairs. Technical Division is well equipped to perform those tasks and holds sufficient inventory of aircraft parts and consumables.

SHY-145 approval 13.05.2014

Main Base – İSTANBUL (IST)
Tel : +90 (212) 663 77 77
Fax : +90 (212) 662 55 25
Main Operations Center– ANTALYA (AYT)
Tel : +90 (242) 330 30 70
Fax : +90 (242) 330 30 71
E-Mail :
Line Station – BRÜKSEL (BRU)
Tel : +32 275 32 293
Fax : +32 275 32 293
E-Mail :