Gözen Holding

GÖZEN HOLDİNG, is a group of companies, active in the field of airlines, representation, surveillance, fuel, controlling, brokerage, security and training in the aviation industry. Based on its experience and know-how gained over 44 years, Gözen Holding has become a brand in the industry by gathering its companies Gözen Air Services, Freebird Airlines, Gözen Security Services, Free Bird Travel, IFTC International Flight Training Center and Flydog K9 Services under the same roof. Gözen Holding continues its successful activities in the field of tourism and aviation sector with its more than 3.000 employees.

Freebird Airlines
Freebird Europe
Gözen air services
Gözen security
Freebird Travel
flydog k9 services
Gözen GSA
freebird airlines
freebird airlines Leading charter airlines in Turkey since 2000.

Freebird Airlines is an international charter airline offering wide range of services tailored to your needs with its A320 family fleet. Established in 2000, Freebird Airlines successfully continues its operations ensuring a safe and pleasant journey to its customers.

freebird europe
freebird europe Operates in Europe and other regions with its growing fleet.

Freebird Airlines Europe (FHM) which is duly registered under the Laws of Malta, has its Headquarters in Malta, the base from where it will discharge its operational and technical obligations according the EASA regulations and the National Laws of Malta as regulated by Maltese Civil Aviation Authority (TM CAD).

gozen air services
gozen air services The No. 1 Supervision & Representation company in Turkish Civil Aviation since 1979.

Gözen Air Services is a leading company in rendering representation, supervision, management, flight support services and fuel supplier to airlines. With over 43 years of experience, the company is a paragon of international civil aviation standards.

gözen security
gözen security Deliver safer security solutions with greater benefits to its customers.

Gözen Security is a pioneer in aviation security. With over 26 years’ experience in Turkey, Gözen Security extends its unique services to meet the requirements set by all airlines and airports in the parameters of international safety standards.

freebird travel
freebird travel Ensures your journey is as much as important as the destination.

Free Bird Travel is an IATA certified travel agency, offering corporate and individual services such as accommodation and transportation services and General Sales Agency to airlines flying to and from Turkey.

iftc The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.

IFTC knows that a pilot isn’t just another part of a plane; he is its very soul. As such IFTC seeks to train some of the best pilots around the world. As a member company of Gözen Holding, a model organization of international repute, IFTC uses its unique position to design a rigorous training program for all future pilots.

flydog k9 services
flydog k9 services With a state-of-the-art facility & up-to-date legislation, Flydog is a pioneer in servicing working dogs.

Flydog is a specialized working dogs’ establishment, created to provide canine services. The 25000 m2 kennel and training center is designed to offer security companies the most effective ways to serve and protect human lives.

gözen gsa
gozen gsa The leading GSA enterprise in the region.

Gözen GSA is the leading GSA enterprise in the region and with its extended networking, strong customer service support and unique distribution network of sales points of other Gözen Holding companies you can carry your business one step further in the international market while sustaining your financial returns.