Freebird Airlines Celebrated 23rd Anniversary!

May 2024

Freebird Airlines, a pioneer among leisure airlines, celebrated its 23rd anniversary at Antalya Airport, its main base. The event commemorated the airline's inaugural commercial flight on April 5, 2001.

At the heart of the celebration was a heartfelt gathering where Freebird Airlines' employees came together to share the joyous occasion. Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, a ceremonial cake-cutting event took place, symbolizing the enduring success and resilience of the airline over the past two decades.

Addressing the gathering, Freebird Airlines' General Manager, Selim Tükenmez, reflected on the remarkable journey of the airline since its inception. "Twenty-three years ago, we embarked on a journey with just three MD-83 type aircraft," said Tükenmez. "From humble beginnings, we have grown exponentially to become a formidable force in the aviation industry. Today, with two airline companies under the company roof registered in Turkey and the European Union, we proudly fly between more than 100 destinations with a fleet of 14 Airbus A320s and a team of more than 750 dedicated employees."

Tükenmez extended his gratitude to all current and former colleagues who have contributed to the success of Freebird Airlines throughout its journey. He expressed his optimism for the 2024 summer season, emphasizing the company's commitment to excellence and innovation in serving both its passengers and the tourism industry.

Established under the esteemed Gözen Holding, Freebird Airlines stands as one of the oldest airlines in Turkish Civil Aviation, holding a prestigious position among the top five. While the airline continues its tradition of charter flights, it has also embraced scheduled flights since 2022, further expanding its reach and impact in the aviation sector.

In addition to its current operations, Freebird Airlines will fly directly to Antalya from London Gatwick Airport daily in the summer of 2024 as scheduled flights. The airline will also continue to conduct charter flights from several airports in the United Kingdom to the most popular holiday destinations.

Freebird Airlines Celebrated 23rd Anniversary!