Current Travel Information

We feel obliged to inform you that Freebird Airlines may from time to time make some arrangements and changes with respect to its flight schedules due to the developments that might result from the Covid-19 status and the changing travel and entry restrictions.

The sales channels of Freebird consists of the website of Freebird Airlines together with the tour operators and the on-line travel agents available on all global websites. Therefore, you need to contact the sales channel, through which you made a booking, for the status of your flight, travel restrictions, your inquiries regarding your booking and also any questions regarding the refunding.

If and when it becomes obliged to make any arrangement or change with respect to its flight schedule due to any change with respect to the travel and entry restrictions due to the Covid-19 status, Freebird shall timely update all of its sales channels about any such arrangement or change. Please kindly make sure that you have timely obtained such information from the sales channel through which you made a booking.