Traveling with Your Infant

You can travel together with your infant, who are over 7 days old and under 2 years old, by utilizing the discount ticket advantages we offer for our infant passengers. The infants, who are under 7 days old, shall never be admitted to the flight.

Our infant passengers may only travel with any accompanying person. The accompanying persons are required to be minimum 18 years old, and each accompanying person may accompany one infant only. Our infant passengers shall travel on the lap of their accompanying person, by fastening the special infant belt. Any mother or father, or any adult, who is 18 years old and over, may accompany maximum one infant for each flight. In the event that any parent requests to travel together with more than one infant, then it shall be ensured that the first infant passenger travels on the lap through the infant ticket, and that the second infant passenger travels on any individual seat through the child ticket in consideration of a fee. The stroller/child safety seat shall be provided by the passengers in order to fasten/secure the other infant with the safety belt on the seat. We may only transport the pushchairs in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. However, our infant passengers may be brought up to the door of the aircraft by means of their pushchair, and the pushchair may be delivered to the officers by the accompanying person while boarding. The pushchair of our infant passengers shall be disembarked from the aircraft upon completion of the flight, and it shall be delivered to the accompanying person.

You can carry liquid or solid baby food in the amount to satisfy need of your infant, inside the containers of maximum 100 ml. The infant passengers have the baggage allowance of 10 kg.