Checked Baggage

Freebird Airlines shall issue any baggage tag for each part as of delivery of the baggage, to be checked, to Freebird Airlines, and it shall keep and maintain the baggage.

In the event that no tag, stating the full name and address details, is attached to the baggage, then the passengers shall attach any letter or tag, which states their personal records, before delivery of the baggage.

The passengers shall be obliged to obtain and keep any baggage tag for each checked baggage, and to check the details available on such tag; otherwise, Freebird Airlines shall not be liable for any damage arising from transportation of such baggage.

The checked baggage may resist to the ordinary use, and it may also protect the contents of the baggage.

Freebird Airlines shall not be liable for any pollution/contamination, friction, wear and tear, and the other damages, as a consequence of delivery of the items, which are not covered by the definition of baggage due to their nature, in an unprotected manner.

Before delivery of television and other fragile items, which are requested to be transported as the checked baggage, the passengers shall sign a certificate of release, stating that Freebird Airlines shall not be liable for transportation of such items, upon the request. In any case, Freebird Airlines may right to deny transportation of such items.

The passengers are required to attach any tag, stating the full name and address details, on the wheelchairs before delivery of such items as baggage.

The checked baggage shall be transported on board the same aircraft as the passenger, where possible, unless Freebird Airlines decides transportation of such baggage through any other flight based on the safety or security reasons or operational requirements. In the event that any passenger's baggage is to be transported through any other flight, then Freebird Airlines shall deliver such baggage to the relevant passenger as per the applicable regulations, unless it is not required to be subjected to the customs clearance.