Personal Data

The passengers hereby acknowledge that their personal information is provided to Freebird Airlines for the purpose of performing the booking processes for the transportation, purchasing any ticket, utilizing the services, providing and developing the services, facilitating the immigration and entry requirements, and making such information for governmental authorities. Thus, the passengers shall authorize Freebird Airlines to keep such information, and to transfer such information to the its offices, partners, authorized agents, governmental authorities, other carriers or those who provide such service, regardless of the country.

It is prescribed that collection of some personal information is necessary to perform booking processes and fulfill the contract of carriage. The passengers may exercise their right to raise an objection for collection and processing of their information; however, such passengers should be informed about the fact that such matter will cause cancellation of their flight, or that it will cause such passengers not to utilize the certain ancillary services (e.g. special meals, etc.). It is stated that lack of certain personal information or incorrectness of the information provided may cause to decide the denied boarding or non-admission to any country in accordance with the certain applicable laws and regulations. Consequently, Freebird Airlines shall not be subjected to any liability.