General Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions for carriage shall apply for each contract of carriage in which Freebird is designated as the airline operator to perform the carriage. The carriage may be performed by another airline operator for operational or commercial reasons. Even if the carriage is performed by another airline operator, these general terms and conditions for carriage shall apply in respect of any contract of carriage in which Freebird is designated as the carrier.

Freebird shall provide the carriage only for the passenger who is indicated in the way bill (the ticket or any such other way bill issued otherwise).

Freebird shall not assume any liability whatsoever in respect of interruption of the system, any error, negligence, outage, deletion, loss, delay of the transaction or the communication, computer viruses, communication failures, theft, disposal or unauthorized access to or modification or use of the records, which might arise without any gross negligence of Freebird during the course of performance of the booking.


Airfare is the consideration for the carriage starting from the point of departure of the aircraft and ending at the destination. Any and all taxes, charges or such other fees, which would be imposed by any government, local authority or such other governmental agency or by any airport operator in connection with the passengers and/or in consequence of benefiting from any service whatsoever, shall be collected in addition to the airfare. The passengers shall be informed about any tax, fee and such other surcharge that is not included in the airfare at the time of purchasing the air service. Any increase with respect to the amount of any such tax, fee or surcharge, about which the passengers are informed, and which might arise following the purchase of the air service may be collected separately from the passengers, and the passengers may also be asked to pay the amount of any tax or fee that has not been collected.


The fees, confirmed at the time of performance of the booking, shall be valid and effective only for the time and point of departure and arrival of the person for whom a confirmed booking is made. The entire amount of the payment must be paid at the time of performance of the booking.

Way Bill / No Show / Cancellation 

Freebird shall provide the carriage only for the passenger who is indicated in the way bill (the ticket or any such other way bill issued otherwise). The way bills may not be transferred to others. The carriage shall be provided only if and when a valid way bill, issued in the name of the respective passenger, and the document, proving the identity of such passenger, are presented.

Any booking made may not be transfered to others.

Any passenger, who asks for cancellation at a time when a period less than 2 hours has left for the scheduled flight or after the time of the Flight despite s/he has a way bill, shall be deemed as a passenger who has not attended the flight (no-show). In such case, only the Airport Tax shall be refunded to such passenger, if and when s/he asks to do so.

A contract of carriage may at any time be terminated by a passenger. Non-attendance to the flight (no-show) shall also be deemed as the termination of the contract.

In case of such termination, Freebird shall be entitled to ask for the payment of the amount as agreed under the contract. The indemnity amount, to which Freebird shall become entitled due to such termination, may vary depending on the airfare. The penalties listed herein below shall apply in case of termination of the contract. In respect of calculation of the amount of the penalties for termination of the contract, the airfare shall be taken as the basis, and the service fee and surcharge shall neither be included in such calculation nor be refunded.

Conditions For Cancellation and Refund;

In respect of calculation of the fee for the cancellation, the airfare shall be taken as the basis, the service fee and surcharge shall be deducted from such amount. No service fee and surcharge shall be refunded.

Time Remaining Until the DepartureMore than 21 days remaining to the flightMore than 7 days but less than 21 days remaining to the flightMore than 72 hours but less than 7 days remaining to the flightLess than 72 hours remaining to the flight
Cancellation of flight20% penalty65% penalty80% penalty100% penalty

Being present on time at the airport 

Any passenger shall be obliged to be present in front of the Check-in/Counter 2 hours before the time of departure of the flight, unless s/he has been notified of any other time for being present for her/his flight.

Travel Documents

The passenger shall be obliged to obtain the travel documents and visas as required for the travel, and also to comply with any and all regulations applicable at the countries of departure, arrival and transit, and the liability thereto shall remain with the passengers. Freebird shall assume no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any problem that might result from any reason such as any failure to comply with the regulations or instructions/directives that are required to be taken into account, or any negligence or any failure to obtain the necessary documentation. The entry-exit documentation, medical documentation and such other documents that are required as per the regulations applicable in the countries to be travelled must be made available before the travel, and any such document must be presented if and when so requested with respect to the course of performance of the travel. In the event that such applicable regulations are not complied with, or that such documentation is missing, then Freebird shall not be liable for any loss or expense that would arise for any failure to comply with such regulations, and Freebird shall be entitled to refuse to carry in case of any non-compliance with the regulations, or missing documentation.

Violation of the Regulations For Entering a Country and Legal Consequences Thereof

In the event that any passenger is not admitted to enter a country by such country, then Freebird shall hold such passenger liable for the payment of any penalty that would be imposed on Freebird by such country. In the event that a passenger could not enter a country (either transit or the country of destination), then such airfare shall be paid by such passenger if and when Freebird becomes obliged to fly such passenger to the country of departure or to any other location whatsoever as per the orders of the governmental agencies. The fees paid by such passenger for the non-utilized portion of the carriage, or such other funds, held by Freebird and owned by such passenger, may be used for the purpose of payment of such airfare. The airfare, paid for carriage to such location where the passenger is rejected or disembarked, shall not be refunded.

In the event that Freebird becomes obliged to pay any penalty or make any deposit payment or incur any such other expense due to any failure by a passenger to monitor the applicable regulations of the respective country with respect to the entry-exit travels, or to make available the necessary documentation as per the applicable regulations thereto, then such passenger shall be obliged to reimburse the amount of such expenses to Freebird upon the demand thereto. Freebird may make use of such other funds, held by Freebird and owned by such passenger, for the purpose of covering any such expense that might arise. The amounts of such penalties may vary depending on the respective country, and such amounts may be higher than the airfare that has been paid.

Flight Schedules and Change of Time of Departure

The departure times as indicated on the flight schedules shall not constitute an integer part of the contract of carriage, and any change may be made with respect to such times between the date of issuance and the date of booking or travel. Before accepting any request for booking, Freebird shall provide information about the then current scheduled time of departure. Unless the definite time of departure is indicated at the time of performance of the booking, Freebird shall not be obliged to initiate the flight at the previously determined time of departure, but to perform the carriage on the date of transportation as indicated at the time of performance of the booking. The passengers shall be informed as soon as the departure time will have been finalized. Freebird shall make its efforts to keep any change with respect to the departure times at the minimum level, and it shall notify the passengers of any such change beforehand as far as possible. The announced departure times may be changed at a reasonable level due to the operational reasons. In respect of any booked carriage, Freebird shall be entitled to change the aircraft, and subcontract the carriage, either wholly or partially, to any third party, provided that it shall remain liable also in future. In case of any interchange with another airline company, the passenger shall be informed about such interchange and the identity of such other airline operator as soon as possible but in any case at the time of embarkation at the latest.


If your conduct on board is such that you pose a risk to the aircraft or to persons or items of property on board, that you interfere with the crew’s carrying out their official duties or refuse to follow the crew’s orders including orders pertaining to the ban on smoking, use of alcohol or drugs, or that you are a nuisance to or injure other passengers or members of the crew we reserve the right to take all necessary steps to prevent such conduct including handcuffing, or to refuse to carry the passenger.


Freebird Airlines is entitled to refuse or discontinue the carriage or ongoing carriage of a passenger or a passenger’s baggage if one or more of the following criteria are satisfied:

  • The passenger behaves in such a way on board or prior to boarding the aircraft that
  • the aircraft, any person or items on board are endangered, or
  • the crew members are prevented from carrying out their duties, or
  • the passenger fails to comply with the instructions of the crew, in particular with regard to smoking, the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or
  • the passenger’s behaviour is an unacceptable nuisance for the other passengers or the crew, or leads to damage or injury,
  • there is reason to believe that the passenger will perform one of the above acts;
  • Carriage would be in violation of applicable law, regulations or conditions imposed by the departure, destination or overflown country;
  • Carriage would endanger the safety, orderly carriage or health of the other passengers or the crew or constitutes an unacceptable nuisance for the other passengers or crew
  • The passenger’s mental or physical condition, including any impairment caused by alcohol or drugs, constitutes a risk for the passenger himself, for other passengers, for members of the crew or for items of property;
  • The passenger refuses any security checks of his person or his baggage which are necessary for security reasons;
  • The valid airfare, any applicable taxes or surcharges have not been paid, including such charges for previous flights;
  • The passenger is not in possession of all the documents required to enter/leave the destination country, is not in possession of valid travel documents, destroys his travel documents during the flight or refuses to hand over the travel documents on request by the crew in return for confirmation of receipt;
  • The passenger fails to comply with any regulations necessary for execution of the journey (e.g. passport, visa and health regulations, including regulations which apply to any accompanying pet);
  • The passenger does not state a booking number or states an incorrect booking number, or the booking for the booking number stated by the passenger does not match the identification document presented by the passenger, or the passenger cannot prove that he is the person for whom the booking was made;
  • The passenger infringes safety / security instructions of Freebird Airlines or instructions issued by Freebird Airlines within the scope of their rights as operator of the aircraft;
  • The passenger is carrying prohibited baggage items;
  • The passenger has in the past already committed one of the above acts or omissions which endangered the safety, orderly carriage or health of the other passengers, the members of the crew, or the property of Freebird Airlines, or if Freebird Airlines has banned the passenger from entering its premises.
  • In the cases specified under the above, Freebird Airlines is entitled to take any reasonable necessary steps to prevent further consequences of such behavior. If necessary to ensure safe execution of the flight or to protect passengers and crew, Freebird Airlines is entitled to order the passenger to leave the aircraft, to refuse further carriage of the passenger on any connecting flights at any location or to refuse to carry the passenger on its entire route network. The pilot in command is further entitled to take all reasonable and necessary steps to maintain and/or restore safety and order on board. Criminal and civil proceedings will be taken against any passengers who commit such an offence on board an aircraft.


All Freebird Airlines flights are non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the aircraft and during the entire stay on board. Electronic Cigarettes is also prohibited in all of the aircraft and during the entire stay on board.


The transport by air can lead to health risk. Sick passengers shall only be accepted if they hold a written flight authorization / health report by a medical doctor (preferable in English). Passengers requesting / requiring assistance for boarding / disembarking and / or requiring unforeseeable medical aid shall normally not be charged for the additional services.

Whenever a certificate for fit to travel by air from a medical doctor is required, this certificate shall also contain a statement about the necessity of an accompanying person/attendance. If the certificate state such a necessity, passengers shall provide their own accompanying person / attendance.


The baggage allowance to be carried free of charge is clearly indicated on the way bill (the ticket or any such other way bill issued otherwise). Carriage of any baggage that is in excess of the baggage allowance granted for the passengers, or of any special baggage shall be subject to surcharge. Excess baggage allowance or special baggage (golf bags, etc.) allowance may be purchased through the website of Freebird for any excess baggage in excess of the baggage allowance as indicated in the contract of carriage.


No single piece of checked baggage can be accepted over 32 kg.

If presented, the passenger must:

a) Repack it into more pieces, each weighing less than 32 kg., or

b) Send it as cargo.


Random checks are carried out at the check-in. Pointed and sharp items (e.g. knives, scissors, manicure kits and similar items) must not be carried in hand language but instead have to be carried in checked baggage. Freebird Airlines can neither be held responsible for items rejected at airport security checks nor does it have a storage duty.

One item of hand baggage up to a maximum weight of 8 kg can be carried free of charge.

If the permissible maximum weight for hand baggage is exceeded, Freebird Airlines is entitled to demand payment of an excess baggage charge. The dimensions of the hand baggage must not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Owing to the limited space available and for safety reasons, only one item of hand baggage per passenger is permitted.

Further items which can be carried free of charge as hand baggage and taken on board are listed below. In case of lack of space in the cabin, these items must be carried as checked baggage.

  • 1 handbag suitable for the journey
  • 1 coat or wrap, scarf, shawl or blanket
  • 1 shopping bag containing items purchased in duty-free shops
  • 1 umbrella (except those with a pointed tip) or walking stick
  • 1 small camera or binoculars
  • books and magazines for reading during the flight
  • baby food,
  • 1 laptop

In accordance with EG regulation 1546/2006, on all flights departing in Europe (including international flights), liquids, pressurized containers (e.g. sprays), pastes, lotions, and other gel-type substances are only allowed to be carried in hand luggage up to a maximum of 100 ml per packaging unit, which is determined by the quantity printed on the pack. Individual containers must fit into a re-closable, transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter and will be checked. One bag per passenger is permitted. Special rules apply to medication and baby food. Various non-EU-states have passed identical or similar regulations. Further information is available to passengers from us or our authorized agents.


Passengers are not permitted to carry sharp, pointed or dangerous objects such as knives, penknives, razor blades or knitting needles as hand baggage. Such items can however be carried as hold baggage. If the security staff discover such items during the security check, the items may be destroyed, and the owner will not be entitled to replacement. Freebird Airlines assumes no liability whatsoever for the loss of such items.

Dangerous substances are defined as all substances which constitute a risk to the health, safety or property of third parties when carried on board. Baggage containing dangerous substances is subject to national and international regulations. Such freight must be appropriately labelled and clearly state the contents of the dangerous substances.

For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to carry the following items in restricted areas or on board:

  • Weapons, guns or firearms of any kind whatsoever (pistols, six-shot guns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns of any kind, objects of any kind which are or appear capable of causing injury or discharging a projectile, replica and imitation firearms, component parts of firearms (excluding telescopic sighting devices and sights), air guns, pellet guns, signal flare pistols, starter pistols, toy guns of all kinds, BB soft guns, industrial rifle mechanisms, bolt and nail guns, cross bows and arrows, harpoons and harpoon launchers, slings or catapults, spear guns, spears, spikes, underwater guns, hunting rifles, stun or shocking devices, cattle prods, stun guns, ballistic conducted energy weapons (taser), lighters shaped like a firearm;
  • Pointed and/or sharp objects capable of causing injury, such as weapons with pointed/sharp edges or tips, sharp objects, axes, arrows, darts, hooks, clamps, strips of hooks, hook-shaped iron bars, crampons, crampon spikes, spears, lances, ice axes, chisels, knives with retractable blades of any length or made of any metals, including knives used for ceremonial, religious or hunting functions which are strong enough to be used as a potential weapon, flick knives, lockable knives, sabers, meat cleavers, machetes, open razors, with the exception of safety or disposable razors with blades enclosed in a cartridge, swords, bayonets, swordsticks, bistouries, scalpels, surgical knives, sharp scissors, ski and walking/hiking poles, bars, throwing stars, signal flares, drills, cutters, gimlets, screwdrivers, bits for drills and screwdrivers, carpet knives, wire cutters, nippers, box cutters, utility knives and penknives, maintenance and repair tools of all kinds which can be used as a sharp and/or pointed weapon, including saws of all kinds, screwdrivers, crowbars, levers, cranks, chisels, caltrops, claw hammers, hammers, mallets, pincers, long-nose pliers, wrenches/spanners, adjustable wrenches/spanners, blow torches, welding equipment, diving lamps etc.
  • Blunt objects that are capable of causing injury, including tennis racquets, baseball and softball bats, hard or flexible golf clubs, rubber batons, sticks, bars, cashes, bats of any kinds (thick and short clubs with flexible leather grip),
  • Clubs, hooks, walking-nordic sticks, cricket bats, hockey and hurling sticks, lacrosse sticks, snowboards and canoe paddles, skateboards, billiard cues, fishing rods, knuckle dusters, clubs, cashes, martial arts equipment such as daggers and swords;
  • Objects which pose a risk to the health of passengers or crew, the safety of the aircraft and its cargo: explosives, flammable substances such as ammunition, blasting caps, detonators, fuses, other detonating devices, smoke cartridges, slow match wicks, explosive substances and explosive devices, replica or imitation explosive material or devices, explosive military devices such as mines, hand grenades, gases such as butane, propane, acetylene and oxygen and their containers, fireworks, flares of all kinds and other pyrotechnics, non-safety matches, tobacco tins or boxes made of metal or tin, flammable liquid fuel, such as petrol/gasoline, diesel, alcohol, ethanol, aerosols, turpentine, white spirit, turpentine oil, thinning agents, flammable liquids such as paint thinner, alcoholic beverages exceeding 70 % by volume;
  • Chemical or toxic substances which pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew or the safety of the aircraft and its cargo: corrosive substances, such as mercury and chlorine in thermometers, spill able batteries, acids, alkalis, bleaching agents such as bleach and whiteners, disabling or incapacitating sprays, such as pepper spray, tear gas, radioactive material such as medicinal or commercial isotopes, infectious or biologically hazardous materials such as infected blood, bacteria and viruses, unless carried in accordance with the regulations of the emergency and fire protection plan for the aircraft, materials such as fire extinguishers, which are capable of ignition or heating as a result of oxidation.

The following items may not be carried in checked baggage:

Flammable, combustible, abrasive, toxic, oxidizing, explosive, radioactive, infectious, self-igniting, reactive substances, substances which are hazardous on exposure to moisture and compressed gases, organic peroxides and hazardous objects containing these substances and other materials which require inspection, explosives, cartridges, fuses, blasting caps, slow match wicks, detonators, hand grenades, mines, propane or butane gas, flammable liquids such as petrol/gasoline, methanol, methyl alcohol and combustible liquids, devices and tools, such as camping gas cylinders containing these substances, flammable solids, reactive substances such as magnesium, firelighters, fireworks, flares, sparklers, bleaching agents, whiteners, oxidants, e.g. in car body repair kits, organic peroxides, rat poison, toxic or infectious substances such as infected blood, radioactive substances including medicinal or commercial isotopes, mercury, motor vehicle batteries, abrasives, such as components of motor vehicle fuel systems containing fuel are PROHIBITED FROM CARRIAGE.

Hoverboards, segways, solowheels, airwheels, balance wheels, or other portable vehicles that work with a lithium battery are forbidden on our flights, either in the cabin or as hold baggage. 

All sharp objects contained in checked baggage must be securely packed to protect ground staff and other employees.

Explosive items such as paints, fireworks, crackers, objects with a combustion engine, such as power saws, model airplanes, lawnmowers, radioactive substances may neither be carried as hand baggage or as checked baggage.

Cigarette lighters and matches are forbidden in checked and carry-on baggage; they must be carried on the person. Spare lithium batteries are restricted to carry-on baggage; they are forbidden in checked baggage.

Lithium Battery-Powered Lighters; Battery-powered lighters powered by a lithium ion or lithium metal battery (e.g. laser plasma lighters, tesla coil lighters, flux lighters, arc lighters and double arc lighters) without a safety cap or means of protection against unintentional activation.


Freebird Airlines is entitled to refuse the carriage of baggage which is so inadequately packed that damage cannot be ruled out despite exercise of the usual care.


For reasons of safety and security, Freebird Airlines may request the passenger to permit a search to made of his or her person and his or her baggage, and may search or have searched the passenger's baggage in his or her absence if the passenger is not available, for the purpose of determining whether he or she is in position of or whether his or her baggage contains any items described in 2.4 Prohibited Baggage Items above or any arms or munitions which have not been presented to Freebird Airlines. If the passenger is unwilling to comply with such request Freebird Airlines may refuse to carry the passenger or baggage.