Seat Reservation

Seats on international flights may be reserved up to 6 hours prior to departure via The service is available for Freebird Airlines flights with Freebird Airlines Flight number (FH/FHY) and Freebird Airlines aircraft.

The following terms and conditions apply to seat selection which is paid in advance:

  • No seat selection is possible in connection with an optional reservation. The seat can be selected either during or after the purchase of the ticket. (If the seat selection charge is not paid for the reserved seat, the reservation will automatically be cancelled shortly afterwards).
  • Cancellation of seat reservation and refund are not possible.
  • For the safety requirements, the following persons are not permitted to sit in the exit row at emergency exits:
  • infants (age under 2) and children (age under 12)
  • expectant mothers
  • passengers carrying a pet in the cabin
  • persons with a physical and/or mental disability
  • persons whose mobility is impaired owing to their physical size, illness or age.
  • Anyone reserving a seat at an emergency exit confirms that the above criteria do not apply to the booked passengers. If that is not the case, Freebird Airlines is entitled to re-allocate any passenger reserved a seat at emergency exit rows but contained in the scope of above criteria.
  • Disabled passengers always take precedence over other passengers, subject to the applicable safety standards.
  • Disabled persons, children or persons with limited mobility are not allowed to take a seat near the emergency exits.
  • Any infant (less than 2 years old) shall be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age (unless he/she is the parent of the infant.)
  • Any child (less than 12 years old) shall be accompanied by an adult unless the child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor.