Special Baggage & Transportation of Animals

Charges are payable for the carriage of special baggage. This includes sports equipment (golfing and diving equipment, bicycles, body boards, surf boards, skiing equipment etc.) and pets. The carriage of pets is also governed by the national statutory regulations and the IATA Live Animals Regulation on the transport of pets. Pets must be transported in a suitable, closed, waterproof and secure pet carrier in the cabin. The weight, inclusive of the carrier, must not exceed 8 kg. Owing to the limited space available and for safety reasons, passengers are entitled to demand the carriage of pets only if the airline has been notified at the time of booking and has confirmed the carriage. The passenger is responsible for compliance with all relevant requirements relating to vaccination papers,health certificates and any documents required for entry into the destination country. If these requirements are not satisfied or cannot be proved, Freebird Airlines is entitled to refuse carriage of the pet.

Please note that the transport of pets in the hold is not permissible under any circumstances. 

  • For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, pets are defined exclusively as dogs and cats and must be carried in pet carriers measuring 55x40x20 cm; the passenger is responsible for providing the pet carrier.
  • Cats and dogs have to be at least 10 weeks old and have the required vaccinations. Kittens or puppies between 10 weeks and 12 weeks old may only be transported with the express permission of their veterinarian.
  • The animal must stay in the closed kennel during the entire flight. The kennel shall be stored in front of or beneath seat of the respective passenger.
  • Pets that are pregnant will not be permitted on the aircraft.
  • The passenger is obliged to present the pet’s health certificate, vaccination papers and identification document. The period of validity of the vaccination against rabies starts not less than 21 days from the completion of the vaccination protocol for the primary vaccination, and any subsequent vaccination was carried out within the period of validity of the preceding vaccination.
  • The total weight of the pet, inclusive of the carrier, must not be more than 8 kg up to 2 animals
  • Irrespective of the weight, pets are defined exclusively as dogs and cats (except rodent) can be carried in the cabin on any one flight.
  • The pet must be healthy, tame, and clean and must not smell.
  • If the pet shows any suspicious behavior (restless, aggressive, sick etc.) the airport staff reserves the right not to allow the pet to fly.
  • A guide dog, accompanying a blind or deaf passenger, shall be accommodated in the cabin and is always free of charge.
  • Wild animals are not allowed in cabin such as snakes, reptiles, tigers, lions etc.
  • Only one cage per passenger will be allowed to carry on board.
  • Maximum 6 pets can be carried in the passenger cabin.

Guide Dogs “See eye dog” 

A guide dog, accompanying a blind or deaf passenger, shall be accommodated in the cabin and is always free of charge.

The following items may not be carried in checked baggage: 

  • money, jewelry, precious metals, cameras, mobile phones, electronic devices, e.g. laptops or PCs, business papers etc.
  • passports and other identification documents, product samples or valuables, i.e. items with a value of more than EUR 300 (value at the time of purchase) with the exception of items of clothing.

In accordance with Art. 20 of the Montreal Convention and/or Art. 20 and 21 of the Warsaw Convention, Freebird Airlines accepts no liability for damage or loss of items carried in checked baggage in contravention of the foregoing provisions. The foregoing liability disclaimer also applies to any potential consequential damage and indirect damage resulting from the transport of such items in checked baggage.